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[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #103: Labor Pains Redux - Craig Maloney
Over in the USA we're coming off of celebrating Labor Day which is a day where some folks get to they day off while others get to go in to work. It's a crazy little holiday but it gave me some extra time to peruse the net for the best in Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music. And we have a great episode lined up with music from Legions, Cleaver, Storm Cry, Ancient Emblem, Catapult The Dead, Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Lucifer In The Sky With Diamonds, Schematics for Gravity, and Cryogen Second...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; openmetalcast; creativecommons
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #102: Party Tardy - Craig Maloney
Things have been rather busy a the Open Metalcast Headquarters as of late. We had one of the storms of the century rip through our neighborhood last week. Fortunately we didn't have too much damage but we still had to do some impromptu moving of some waterlogged stuff. We're just getting things back to some semblance of normal around here, which means we're ready to bring you the Creative Commons Metal Music you crave...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #101: Room 101 - Craig Maloney
In the novel 1984 there is a room called Room 101 wherein the "Ministry of Love" subjects prisoners to their worst fears, phobias and nightmares. Apparently George Orwell named it after a meeting room at the BBC where he would be subjected to tedious meetings. Episode 101 is far from tedious though, although there may still be nightmares, fears and phobias lurking within these files. If you're afraid of snails or slugs you might want to avoid Slugde's latest album Gastronomicon...
Keywords: metal; openmetalcast; creativecommon
Downloads: 951
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #100: Triple-digit-metal - Craig Maloney
Open Metalcast celebrates our milestone episode release with the release of episode 100. I had a few ideas floating around for what I could do with this episode. I thought of doing a retrospective episode highlighting artists played on the show. Perhaps it could be over several episodes? Several ideas percolated through my mind but ultimately one idea won out: just release a damn episode and say "hey, it's episode 100" in the notes for the episode...
Keywords: metal; openmetalcast; creativecommons; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,042
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #99: Jury Duty - Craig Maloney
There's a tradition in the United States of America that folks are called upon to serve as jury in court cases. Fortunately I wasn't called this time around so I have some extra time to bring you the best in Creative Commons License Metal Music. This episode features brand new music from Colosso and Muldjord as well as music by In My Shiver, Black Monolith, Epitimia, Treitim, Aathma, Skein and Macabre Demise...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 956
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #98: Instrumetalcast #9 - Craig Maloney
Dear Fans of Open Metalcast. I have a confession to make. It has been six long months since the last Instrumetalcast. Six months you've had to wait for arguably one of the more popular channels of Open Metalcast. I have failed you time and time again to bring you the best Creative Commons Licensed Instrumental Metal Music. No more. Your long wait is over, and as penance I have compiled almost an hour and thirty minute apology with such bands as Steamforged, Brunt, Alpha Male Tea Party, Town Port...
Keywords: creativecommons; metal; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,175
[audio]Open Metalcast #97: Time immemorial - Craig Maloney
Time was in the early days of the Internet there weren't many options for finding new music. However once better bandwidth came about the Internet became a wonderful and strange place indeed. Where else could one find a Symphonic Metal Opera album about My Little Pony (that's actually really good)? And where else could you find more a seemingly endless source of metal music from talented bands like Napalm Strike, Obsidian Throne, Wildernessking, Old Wainds, Lycanthia, Maniac Butcher, and the ini...
Keywords: metal; openmetalcast; creativecommons
Downloads: 1,345
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #96: Proggy Weather - Craig Maloney
Many years ago when I was heavily into Dream Theater I stumbled upon a band that sounded interesting but was unable to hear their music (this was before Youtube made it insanely easy to hear most of mankind's recorded output). The band was Spock's Beard and I bought several of their albums sight-unseen from the Thoughts mailing list admin (Thanks, Lisa!). Fortunately in this day and age with sites like Jamendo and Bandcamp you don't have to guess what an album sounds like and once I heard the ba...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,389
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #95: Here I Stand - Craig Maloney
Things are starting to return to normal at the Open Metalcast compound. We return to our usual show schedule with 8 tracks of awesome Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music. Episode 95 features tracks from Pyrit, All Your Lies, Endtape, Cara Neir, The Conjuration, Thou, Zeugen der Leere, and the Hammond-Organ explosion of The Grave Dolls. Shownotes after the break: (00:10) Päste by Pyrit from Jazdec bez hlavy (BY-NC-SA) (03:28) Mindless by All Your Lies from Demo (BY-NC-ND) (07:11) Get Up by E...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 871
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #94: Post Pycon Ham Hangover - Craig Maloney
Regular listeners of the show may notice this episode posting later than normal. That's because the normal posting date was during Pycon and I was hanging out in beautiful Montréal Canada enjoying the largest gathering of Python developers in the world. And I'm recovering from Easter weekend and a ham hangover. But lest this devolve into your typical blog post we've compiled 8 tracks of some amazing metal music, starting off with Sam Whitaker (feat...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 831
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #93: Headless Chicken - Craig Maloney
It's been one of those weeks here at the Open Metalcast Headquarters where you have to wonder "what next?". It's enough to make you feel like a chicken with your head cut off. Though with the amazing Creative Commons metal music in this episode it's more like the chicken had its head ripped clean off; especially with the likes of power-metalers Noble Beast and Twilight Messenger leading the way. Not far behind though is a new track from Headwires, and the long-awaited new album from Galactic Peg...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,180
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #92: Melt - Craig Maloney
We're starting to see a thaw at the Open Metalcast headquarters and with it is the realization that maybe we'll make it through this winter after all. Fortunately the Internet connection has stayed strong (knock on fake-wood) so we've been able to scurry through the net to find the finest in Creative Commons Metal to help keep your ears nice and toasty warm. Joining us this episode are trakcs from Trocotombix, We Are Idols, Recursion, Skein, Larion, Oblivion's Garden, Oblivion, Cara Neir, Poison...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,202
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #91: Spring Forward - Craig Maloney
My least favorite "holiday" of the year is when Daylight Savings Time happens. For no apparent reason most of the known world decides to arbitrarily shift their clocks one hour ahead. This results in me losing an hour of sleep which makes me rather angry. And when I get angry there's nothing I want more than a bunch of metal music blaring in my ears. Which, coincidentally this episode delivers with artists like Colosso, Carnivora, Muldjord, Allochiria, Iskra, and Sun Worship...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,167
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #90: Long Playing Record - Craig Maloney
A friend on IRC (Hi Greg) thought it might be neat to have an episode of post-rock / post-metal music. He might get his wish some day because apparently I can't leave well-enough alone without mixing things up with sludge, doom, desert, and black metal. So Greg, I'll get to that post-rock show sometime in the near future. But to make up for it this 90th episode is made up of 9 tracks around 9 minutes long weighing in at 90 minutes (seeing a pattern here?) Featuring music from HELA, Morgue of Sai...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 303
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #89: New Music Smell - Craig Maloney
Call me an old fogey but I still get excited to tear open the shrink-wrap of a brand new album, especially when it's from a band that I enjoy like Deep Space Destructors album II. Part of the joy was listening to their bonus track Sykli which I believe is only available on CD. But I know some of you have eschewed the physical realm for the more tidy and sanitary digital realm so with Deep Space Destructors' kind permission I've included it in this episode...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,048
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #88: Palindromic Repdigit Piano - Craig Maloney
One of the ways that I try to get around writing one of these introductions to an episode (which is coincidentally the hardest part about putting together an episode) is to take a peek at Wikipedia to see if there's anything interesting related to the episode number. Apparently 88 is considered by the Chinese to be a number of fortune and good luck which is something that I wish for you as you listen to this episode...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,169
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #87: Yellow Snow - Craig Maloney
Well 2014 has started off rather cold and snowy at the Open Metalcast bunker. Fortunately the network connection has withstood the elements and we've been able to find some great music to start off the new year right. We've got music by At Daggers Drawn, Firestorm, Just Another, Coalest, NAJA, DSW, and a killer piece from Mean Messiah. And though we don't have any scientific proof I'm pretty sure headbanging can prevent frostbite...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 932
[audio]Open Metalcast Instrumetalcast #8: Lost Time - Craig Maloney
It's been way too long since the last Instrumetalcast so to make up for it here's an extra-long episode for your listening enjoyment. Hopefully it'll tide you over into the new year where these episodes will be more frequent. Shownotes and more after the break: (00:27) Continuum by CRYOGEN from Continuum (BY-NC-ND) (05:21) A Dæmon Hunted​/​The Flight of Perseus by Returning We Hear the Larks from Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea [Instrumental] (BY-SA) (18:43) Movement 2 - Andante by Daniel Bautista ...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 737 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #86: Cult of the New - Craig Maloney
The term "Cult of the New" is a term used in the boardgame circles to (sometimes derogatorily) refer to people who are constantly in search of the latest releases at the expense of ignoring some of the older releases. This show is about putting on the brakes for a bit and slowing down to re-listen to some of the bands that we've featured on the podcast before such as Rase, Neverside, Panic.0, Inordem, Nuestros Derechos, Overlord, Les Chants de Nihil, Anthemon, Spawn from Deceit and Rezistor...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,071
[audio]Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode Patient Zero - Craig Maloney
Welcome back to Open Metalcast, bringing you the best in Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music. I am the host of the Club Metal portion of the podcast and today we have a special guest. We worked hard to set up this interview over space and time and I am delighted to be able to present to you an interview with none other than the band Patient Zero. You might not know them now but in the future. your future...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,025
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #85: Timey wimey, wibbley wobbly stuff. - Craig Maloney
Rushing to get this episode out the door because the night I normally have to get the episode put together will be full of me catching the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who on the big screen. No spoilers, please. But what we do have is an episode chock full of some amazing artists starting with the anticipated release of the new Cryogen album "Continuum" (which is quickly becoming a favorite here). We've also got music from Desvirginizagore, Aborym, Rejekts, Soundcrafters, CEMENTERIO, One Paper Lef...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,208
[audio]Open Metalcast #84: The Wave of the Voyage - Craig Maloney
One of the items that the Voyager 1 Spacecraft sent along with it on its voyage outside of our solar system was a gold-plated. It's probably the only gold compilation album in existence trhat features Mozart, Chuck Berry, and indigenous music from across the globe. Plus it has a wicked B-side that shows aliens how to find us should they be able to figure out the code. Luckily your computer should be able to figure out the bits that make up the latest Open Metalcast show so you won't need to figu...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,194
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #83: Highly Cototient Prime Numbers - Craig Maloney
When looking up the number 83 on Wikipedia for the 83rd episode of Open Metalcast, I ran across some number facts. Apparently "83 is the sum of three consecutive primes (23 + 29 + 31) as well as the sum of five consecutive primes (11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23)." It's also a highly cototient number. What does that mean? Hell if I know, but I do know this episode has some highly charged metal to detonate inside your ear canals...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,190
[audio]Open Metalcast Special Episode: Halloween 2013 - Craig Maloney
Welcome to the third Halloween Episode of Open Metalcast, where we unleash the strange, the wicked, and the bizarre to thrill, excite, and scare the candy-corn right out of you. There's plenty of music here for your Halloween party, or for grabbing the candy bags from those slow-poke kids. Whatever your hearts desire this Halloween we have your soundtrack covered. (00:08) The Rotting Revolt by Dark Asylum Music from Midnight (BY-NC-SA) (01:17) Spiderlady by Covered In Bees from Portland Death Pu...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,117
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #82: Caught in a loop - Craig Maloney
One of the most dangerous places for me is inside of a record store. It's like throwing a hyperactive child into a candy store: before you know it my arms are filled with new and used CDs and I'm busy trying to figure out which will make the cut. This show is no different: I thought I wasn't going to have enough material to make the show, and suddenly I had more than enough. But my problem is your gain, as we have three upcoming tracks from various albums, starting with Cryogen's latest album (a...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,299
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #81: Shut up and shut down - Craig Maloney
I'm not sure what shutting the US government will prove to anyone, but I hope it doesn't mean that the Internet will shut down any time soon. Otherwise how will I get you this phenomenal Creative Commons Music? Carrier Pigeon? Hopefully not, as there's a lot of music in this episode, including tracks from Amaroth, Desert Icons, The Reptillians, Bisento, Endless Heights, Etherbeer, NUTRITION, and a receont convert to the Creative Commons scene: Gabezia...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 986
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #80: Going Viral - Craig Maloney
It was my birthday last weekend, and as part of my celebration I not only got the opportunity to watch one of my friends get married, but I also got a nice little cold to go with it. So the Open Metalcast studios are a little under the weather. But the show must go on, as it were, and the best Creative Commons metal music available is the best prescription for what might ail you. We've got a mix of great metal from Taketh, Kudai, NUTRITION, Neverside, Civil War, Patrons of the Rotting Gate, Hell...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,053
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #79: Labor Pains - Craig Maloney
In my never-ending quest to put things off until the very last minute (a habit carefully honed over the mumble mumble years of my existence) I'm putting this show together mere moments before the Tuesday that it normally releases. Of course that day is Monday, which is a holiday here in the United States, so that means I'm later than usual. But I'm glad that I did, because this episode managed to catch the brand-new release from Anima Adversa's latest album...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,216
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #78: Sportball Surprise
I plead complete ignorance over all matters sportball or otherwise sports-related (save for hockey season when the Detroit Red Wings are doing well that season). So seeing an EP of sportball-related songs come across my desk isn't that intriguing. But when it's a CC-licensed album of tightly crafted sportball songs that also comes across the Metal Injection desk, then I take notice. I also take notice when I see new albums from some of my favorite artists like Mountain Mirrors and Agónica...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,732
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #77: Express Lane (12 items or less) - Craig Maloney
Ever gone to the store for just one thing, and realized at the checkout lane that you have more than one thing to purchase? That's what happened with this episode. I already had most of the episode ready to go, but a quick trip to Bandcamp and Jamendo net so much more music that I decided to throw in a few more songs this episode. There's something in here for everyone, so give it a listen, and whatever you do don't look at the credit card receipt OK? Shownotes after the break...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,278
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #76: Shut up and mosh - Craig Maloney
After a brief hiatus we decided to make up for it by just blasting your eardrums with non-stop metal music. In that spirit we only have four words for you: "shut up and mosh". Oh, and one more sentence, but that's it. Show notes after the break. There, that should do it. (00:25) Force fed resistance by Dejadeath from ¡¡¡Viva dios!!! (BY-NC-ND) (04:47) Austin Deathtrip - Cain by Austin Deathtrip from Texas Bulldozer (BY-NC-SA) (08:15) 02 - Зеркала (Mirrors) by Prospekt69 from Judgment D...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,042
[audio]Open Metalcast Special Episode: Club Metal #14 - Craig Maloney
Too long have we waited in the shadows, hoping for a change that never comes. The time to wait is over, now it is time to act. (00:24) My Life Last Breath by Acumen Nation from Anticore (BY-NC-ND) (04:06) Machine Vision by I:Scintilla from Optics (BY-NC-ND) (08:42) No Longer (feat. Nyku Decode) (Mind-Sex Mix by Freaky Mind) by Dirty Bird 13 from Mix Collector (None) (16:09) Cyber Female by Fetish’ist from Synthematika Four (BY-NC-ND) (20:27) Triumph by Neurotech from (Single) (BY-SA) (24:13) D...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,342
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #75: The Sun Never Sweats (But I Do) - Craig Maloney
Summer has hit hard here at the Open Metalcast studios, and unfortunately there isn't any air conditioning in here. It's 87F in here, and while the fans are going full-tilt, there's some comfort in knowing this episode has some of the finest Creative Commons Metal music the net has to offer. including some hot-off-the-presses Returning We Hear The Larks, as well as Project: Roenwolfe (one of the many bands from Masters of Metal Productions), Slash Dementia, The Multiverse Concept, Marker Beacon,...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 964
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #74: Heavy Stones - Craig Maloney
74 is the atomic number of Tungsten, which is Nordic for "Heavy Stone", and perfect to title this episode of Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music. There's a little something for everyone, whether you're into the sludge of Spaceking; the speed the soaring power metal of Judicator, ApócryphA, or Diary of Destruction; the folk metal hybrids of Hok-Key and Калевала, the melodic metal of Trihexyn; or the what-the-hell-was-that of Lambda Shaman...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,258
[audio]Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode - Cryogen - Craig Maloney
Recently we got the chance to speak with Ryan Conner of the melodic death-metal band Cryogen. Cryogen are currently Kickstarting their new album Continuum. We spoke with Ryan about their current discography, and how you can help make their new album a reality. (05:26) The Pain We Endure by CRYOGEN from This Nightmare (BY-NC-ND) (12:54) Episode 666 (In Flames cover) by CRYOGEN from Psalms of Deceit (re-release) (BY-NC-ND) (24:10) Agnosis by CRYOGEN from Despara (BY-NC-ND) (38:56) Break these Chai...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,231
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #73: Magic Smoke
There's an old saying in electronics that refers to releasing the magic smoke whenever you do something to fry a piece of hardware. Well, my laziness got the best of me, and I released the magic smoke on my trusty desktop computer's motherboard when I swapped out a power supply without pulling the old modular cables. So, this episode is later than usual, but hopefully a belated music-filled episode is better than no episode, and there's a bunch of great stuff in this episode, including new Kudai...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,355
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #72: Allergic Reactionary - Craig Maloney
Ugh. It's full-bore allergy season here, and apparently everything is being marked for death by my body. So to celebrate (?) we've lined up 8 tracks of music loud enough to make even the most stuffed ears hear clearly. And lest you think it's just the allergy medicine talking near the end of the episode, yes, that's just Judicator singing in German for their upcoming album. And you're probably over Crabcore, but are you ready for Duckgrind? It's an episode you won't want to miss, no matter how m...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,774
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #71: Unconventional - Craig Maloney
Finishing up this episode while recovering from the amazing convention known as Penguicon which happened this weekend. One of the highlights was one of the staff members dressed in corpse-paint and a hula skirt behind a Tiki bar. That's pretty unconventional, but what's even more unconventional (outside of being, well, outside of the convention) is the cadre of chaos we have in store for you in this episode...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,547
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #70: Metal Taxing Mad - Craig Maloney
Tax season is over (is that why my wallet feels lighter? Must be a new weight loss program.) Hopefully this season was kind to you, but if even if it wasn't, we still have the finest Creative Commons Licensed metal music to suit whatever mood the tax folks put you in. This show is pretty straightforward (unlike the tax code) with 8 awesome bands ready to tear your ear-holes a new one, including new music from Sedulity, Bronze, and Legions Ablaze...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 2,442
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #69 - Pranky Cranky - Craig Maloney
Are the April Fools Jokes done yet? Seems every April Fools I want to disconnect from the Internet and find a secret, undisclosed bunker until it's all over. Fortunately we were able to pick up some great music before the April Fools nonsense really took effect, and were able to bury ourselves in our headphones while the "jokes" flew overhead. And we have some serious metal music for you, with the first EP from Keoma kicking off the show...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,989
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #68: Tributes and Compilations - Craig Maloney
Back when there were record stores, there were some places that sold compilation albums of different artists. Sometimes they were full priced, and other times they were either inexpensive or free. There's also certain magazines like Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, and PROG that also ship with compilation discs. I always look forward to these discs because they give me a chance to sample bands I might not otherwise hear...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 2,479
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode 67: Musical Centrifuge - Craig Maloney
While putting together this week's episode for Metal Injection Radio I noticed a lot of material that I had on my disk for a while but hadn't put into an episode. So I picked a sample of the material you will hear on Metal Injection Radio this week and put it together in this episode. So give it a spin, and check out more great Creative Commons Metal Music during the Open Metalcast show on Metal Injection Radio...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 2,098
[audio]Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Masters of Metal - Craig Maloney
Recently we got the chance to speak with Tony C. of the band Judicator, and one of the founders of the label Masters of Metal Productions. Masters of Metal Productions started off as the label offshoot of the Masters of Metal Forum, and has grown into a much larger metal music label. We spoke with Tony about the band Judicator, the beginnings of Masters of Metal, and how the label continues to grow and find new talent...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,902
[audio]Open Metalcast Special Interview Episode: Khadaver - Craig Maloney
Welcome to a special interview episode of Open Metalcast. Recently we got the chance to speak to Nihil from the band Khadaver. Khadaver is a four-piece band from Slovakia. Khadaver fuses metal and electronics in a cyber-metal industrial hybrid you won't want to miss. We talked about the formation of the band, the album "New World Disorder", and about the band's future plans. Music played in the show: (06:12) Binary Runners by Khadaver from Binary Runners (BY-NC-ND) (17:43) New World Disorder by ...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 2,132
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #66: Meteoric Sonic Boom
Apparently there was a meteor that exploded with enough force over Russia to break windows and cause all sorts of problems for people. Hopefully your neighbors' windows will be strong enough to withstand the sonic detonation awaiting you in this episode. And there's plenty of music in this episode with two longer tracks from Lacaille's Shroud and Visions of Tragedy. Lest you think this is another "Long Songs" episode, we finish off with some shorter fare from New Folder, Head Takers, HYDRA, Keom...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,981
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #65: Bowl of Super - Craig Maloney
Apparently there was a power outage during the Super Bowl that lasted around 34 minutes. I wish we'd known earlier, because this episode of Open Metalcast weighs in around 39 minutes of Creative Commons Metal Music. Instead of dead air waiting for some sportball to resume, you could have been listening to all of the great music in this show. Alas, they probably filled the time with useless banter and commercials...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 2,299
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #64: Technical Debt - Craig Maloney
In memory of Aaron Swartz, whom I never met, but without whom this show would not be possible. (01:13) Inherent by Decode the Design from Chaos Lanes EP (BY-NC-ND) (05:48) Only Suffering is Free by Anagnorisis from Ghosts of Our Fathers (BY-NC-ND) (10:35) Politicold by Severed Fifth from Liberate (BY-NC-SA) (22:34) Free by Ex Animo from Sentience (BY-NC-ND) (29:11) Time for a change by Become Wrath from Crush them (BY-NC-ND) (35:52) IBRIDOMA - Face to Face by UNDERGROUNDZINE from SOUNDS FROM HEL...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,902
[audio]Open Metalcast Episode #63: Fine Vintage - Craig Maloney
2013 is going to be a great year. Don't believe me? Well, for starters, in this first episode of 2013, we have over 45 minutes of awesome Creative Commons metal music to ring your eardrums into the new year. Hopefully your new year resolution isn't giving up metal, because you won't want to miss these great releases. And if your New Year's Resolution is being more generous, you're in luck, because you can share these tracks with your friends, neighbors, or whomever you like...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,656
[audio]Open Metalcast Special Episode: Holiday Apocalypse 2012 - Craig Maloney
Some believe the Mayans predicted the end of the world will happen this Friday. But what would cause the world to end? Asteroids? Global Warming? In our holiday episode, we find it's far, far worse than that, and only Santa's Christmas Elves have the power to stop the oncoming apocalypse. It's a race to find out what unspeakable horrors await the fate of humanity! (02:26) Blue Christmas by Bobnoxious from Ho Ho Ho (BY) (04:15) The World Ends (before christmas) by The Data Body from Volume Two [2...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 2,100
[audio]Open Metalcast Special Episode: Club Metal #13 - Craig Maloney
Four months since last transmission. Stop. Must make next transmission or face termination. Stop. Last transmission of this solar year. Stop. Message Ends. (00:24) 21st Century Antichrist by Khadaver from New World Disorder (BY-NC-ND) (04:28) Biorobot (refined) by Kuroshio from Biomechanic (BY-NC-ND) (09:35) Another Empty Day by Patient Zero from Post-Industrial Revolution (BY-NC-SA) (13:50) H. Zombie - El Dia de los Muertos by H...
Keywords: metal; creativecommons; openmetalcast
Downloads: 1,837
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